Why CoFund Health is here for you

Quality healthcare should not be outside of your reach…and sometimes you need a hand from those that care about you.
— Burke Williams, CoFund Health

Our Story

The CoFund Health team is acutely aware of the challenges people face with the significant cost of their healthcare. Being veterans of the pharmaceutical services industry, we watched too many struggle to pay for medications and healthcare bills. We knew there had a better way. Health insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturer copay programs, and patient assistance programs only go so far and patients still have a heavy financial burden.  Our research shows that over 75% of American families are unable to afford a catastrophic health event. Over 1 million of these struggling families annually share their story on crowdfunding platforms hoping for assistance. After spending many years working with pharmaceutical brands to help people with their medical out of pocket needs, we are bridging the gap from where the current healthcare financial assistance models leaves off and where the patients truly need help from others.

CoFund Health is a personal crowdfunding platform allowing people to raise money for their healthcare expenses including prescription medications, doctor and clinical visits, hospital stays, and insurance premiums. The company, publicly launched in January 2019, was founded by Burke Williams and Matt Martin. CoFund Health allows users to enroll themselves fundraise for their medical costs or initiate a campaign for someone else in need. The campaign experience is optimized for the beneficiary of the campaign to effectively share their campaign’s needs through integrated social network links, email, text, and offline channels. Donors feel confident to contribute more to campaigns that they care about because of CoFund Health’s patent processes that only allow the contributions to be used for valid healthcare expenses. CoFund Health’s focus exclusively on healthcare crowdfunding enables them to best align the user experience with the needs of those needing healthcare cost support. The founding team has over 30 years of experience in bringing technology solutions to address affordability in the healthcare industry.

We are honored to support several charitable organizations with social missions to help people better access healthcare