8 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Successful CoFund Health Campaign


If You cannot afford your healthcare expenses, you are in the right place. CoFund Health was created to help people just like you start a fundraising campaign to get help with medical bills.

If you are starting a campaign for someone else’s healthcare expenses (like a friend) where they will manage their own account, click here for the “how to” create a campaign for someone else.


Let’s get started!

1. Click the CREATE A CAMPAIGN button on cofundhealth.com.


2. Sign up or log into your existing account using the Log In link at the top of your screen.

Sign Up for CoFund Health account.png
Select Campaign for Myself.png

3. Once logged in, select the "Create a Campaign" link from the menu at the top of the screen.

4. If you are starting a campaign for yourself or a minor, select “Myself” or if for someone else that they will manage, select “Someone Else.” This tutorial is for starting a campaign that you will manage.

If you are starting a campaign that Someone Else will manage, click here.

5. Simply enter the information on the screen including your Gender or Date of Birth (these are necessary for the payments at pharmacy). If you have additional immediate family members (spouse or dependent), add their information using the +Add Member selection at the bottom.

6. When done, select the NEXT button.


7. Enter your campaign details:

a. Campaign’s Fundraising Goal
b. Your Goal to Raise Funds By Date
c. Your Campaign Title—make sure it’s easy to understand what your need
d. Your Campaign Cover Image
“A picture paints a thousand words!”
e. Then, add your Campaign Description to tell your story so others understand and are compelled to help you.

8. When you are satisfied, click the NEXT button.

Enter your Fundraising Campaign Details.jpeg

Pro Tip for a Great Campaign Story:

Make sure your campaign story communicates the 5 Ws: WHO the story is about, WHAT led you to need help, Where you are, WHY you started your CoFund Health campaign, and WHEN you need to reach your goal.

You are writing a story to compel people to give their hard-earned money to help you. Make sure you write from your heart!


9. To Finish, Review Your campaign details:

a. read the Terms & Conditions
b. check the box to agree
c. select the CREATE CAMPAIGN button.

Your campaign is now ready to raise money for your own healthcare expenses!

Note: Once your campaign is active, you can edit the details of your campaign by clicking the “Gear” icon on the top right of your campaign’s dashboard.


Final note: Do not forget to share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Sharing your campaign early and often ensures those with a big heart know you need a little help and keeps your story not only in their hearts 💚 but also in their minds 🧠.

Click here to see Top Tips For Successfully Sharing Your Campaign!


If haven’t started a campaign yet, press this button and you’ll be on your way to fundraising for your healthcare bills!