Welcome to a better answer for personal health crowdfunding!

Speaking for our whole CoFund Health team, we could not be more excited to have our healthcare crowdfunding website ready to help people fundraise for their healthcare needs.

Why we created CoFund Health

We believe that quality healthcare should not be outside of your reach…and sometimes you need a hand from those that care about you. 

More than 1 in 4 Americans have had significant financial difficulty paying for their healthcare costs

These significant burdens cause many people to turn to their own network of family members and friends for assistance. Enter crowdfunding.

While personal crowdfunding has become a common way for family members, friends, and anyone with a big heart to contribute to a loved one’s campaign, we wanted to create a solution only focused on healthcare. Through CoFund Health, donors have confidence that their donations are only accessible by the intended recipient and may only be used for healthcare-related costs.

Why host your healthcare crowdfunding campaign with CoFund Health?

  • The only platform focused solely on personal healthcare fundraising.

  • Beneficiaries have immediate access to campaign donations.

  • Donors are assured that their contributions are only being used as intended.

  • Only the intended beneficiary can access campaign donations.

  • Sharing your healthcare story and continued journey is in your control.

What are you waiting for? Start your own campaign today!

by Matt Martin, cofounder of CoFund Health. Follow CoFund Health on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn to keep up to date on our exciting new features as we continue to help people overcome their healthcare costs.