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How to Get the Most from Sharing Your Campaign

Sharing your campaign with others is the most important step you take in having a successful campaign to crowdfund for your healthcare expenses. This includes sharing on your own social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, as well as sharing via email and text directly to those you know can help. The more people that know about your campaign, the more they can help with your medical expenses!

Start with Immediate Outreach

The first people that you need to help you are those closest to you—family and close friends. From your campaign page, you can send an email with your campaign’s link. Additionally, you can copy your campaign’s URL and send your campaign out via text message.

 You are asking your family and close friends for two things:

1.    You are asking for at least a small donation to your campaign

2.    You are asking for them to share your campaign with others

 Although it is easiest to do a large email or text blast, a personal message to each person to go along with your campaign’s link is more meaningful and more likely to encourage them to help you.

Need something to get you started on your email? Check out our “5 templates” to get you started!


Share on Your Social Media Pages

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 10.26.47 PM.png

Using the Facebook and Twitter share icons on your campaign, you can share your campaign’s photo, story, and link with your online friends. Don’t forget to add additional context to your Facebook post above your campaign’s link to make your story even more relatable to your friends.

For those that you are close to but you do not have their email or cell number to text, you can copy your campaign’s URL and share directly on Facebook Messenger. This is a really great way to connect with those that may not check their email often or may not see your page post.


Give Updates on Your Campaign’s Message Board

Your campaign dashboard allows you to share updates from your campaign with your donors. When you give an update on your Message Board, all of your donors will receive an email and text message alerting them that you have made posted a message. This will bring them back to your page and provide another opportunity for them to support your campaign.


Reshare Your Updates on Social Media

To keep other family and friends aware of your fundraising needs, not only should you post progress to your donors through your campaign’s Message Board, but you should also provide updates through Facebook to your potential donors that have not donated yet and just need a little extra push.


Thank Your Donors

At the end of your campaign, do not forget to thank those that helped you. Provide an update on your campaign’s Message Board and share it on social media. This simple gratitude will ensure they are there to help you in the future and help others that may have similar struggles.

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