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Get Help for Dental Work

Fundraising for dental work

Are you worried about the increasing cost of dental care? You are not alone. A cheap dentist is undoubtedly hard to find, but a trip to the dentist's office is a necessary evil for a healthy mouth. And, as fees vary considerably from one practice to another, it is difficult to estimate how big a bite your next dental visit will take out of your bank account. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 40% and 60% of Americans do not visit the dentist as often as they should.

As a majority of medical plans do not cover dental work; dental insurance is usually a separate expense. Also, even if you've dental insurance, there is no guarantee that it will cover all the costs of an expensive dental procedure.

Here are some common dental procedures with prices.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Having your teeth professionally cleaned every six months would help you keep your gums and teeth healthy. While you can avoid this procedure, it is better to be safe than sorry. The cost of top-notch teeth cleanings can vary considerably.

 A basic dental cleaning will cost much less compared to a full-mouth deep cleaning that might include gum disease treatment or periodontal therapy. A standard cleaning by a dental hygienist will cost you between $75 and $200.

Dental Exams

Routine dental exams will cost you between $50 and $200. However, note that you might end up paying more if it is your first visit as you may need to pay for X-rays or oral cancer screenings. Regular dental exams are important and will help your dentist in detecting and treating problems, like gum disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay early.

Tooth Fillings

A dental filling is a procedure that restores the function and form of a damaged tooth, often by decay. The cost for tooth fillings varies depending on the size of the filling as well as materials used. Gold and porcelain are the most expensive options. The average price of a gold crown is $1,123.

Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist will likely recommend root canal treatment in case tooth decay has reached your tooth’s pulp. You can expect to pay $1000 for a root canal. However, keep in mind that the price for root canals will vary as the procedure is usually more complex for severe cases. Root canals are a dental procedure that you can't afford to skip due to high costs.

Save on Your Dental Bills

While a hefty bill from your dentist can deal a real hit to your budget, there are ways to save on your dental bills. Here are some strategies that can help you drill down those dental costs to make affordable dental care a reality.

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Group Discounts

There are ways you can take advantage of substantial group dental discounts, even if you do not have dental insurance. You can do it enrolling in a non-insurance dental saving plan. Before signing up, make sure you understand what kinds of dental procedures are covered.

New Patient Discount Offers

Many dental practices in the US offer special deals for new patients to encourage repeat business. In case you do not yet have a regular dentist, then these specials may end up saving you 50% or even more. A teeth whitening dentist can cost you a fortune. Although free teeth cleaning and whitening services are quite common, you might be able to find significant savings on some more expensive procedures.

Try a Dental School 

Dental schools usually charge considerably less for dental care. These institutes cover procedures ranging from standard cleaning to root canals and even oral surgery in some cases. You do not have to fret about these dental students lacking the expertise or knowledge to get the job done. These students work under the full supervision of accredited and experienced dentists, who ensure all work is completed to the highest standards of care.

However, there is one tradeoff for these dental discounts, which is time. As students often work slower than experienced dentists, and supervisors have to check their work, your visit will take a little longer than usual. You can check the American Dental Education Association for a list of accredited dental schools.

Extended Payment Plans

You may be able to spread out dental payments over one year, interest-free. Many dentists and doctors are willing to do this, and it will save you the interest charges you will incur by putting the bill on a credit card.

Ask About A Cash Discount 

If you are flying without a dental plan or dental insurance, ask your dentist if he or she is willing to offer you a discount for paying the bill in cash. He will likely say yes as you will be saving him both credit card fees as well as billing hassles. Emphasize that you can pay in full at the time of your dental service. Prompt payments are often hard to resist.


You can request a personal dental loan for financing implants or dentures. Note that this is the leading form of private financial help. All you have to do is complete a simple online application form. If your application is approved, the lender will transfer funds to your bank account usually within 24 hours. However, you will have to repay your lender the interest, so you should plan accordingly.


A crowdfunding campaign is a popular way to get help from people to help you fundraise for dental bills. To crowdfund your dental work, you simply have to create your CoFund Health campaign and describe the procedures you want. Consider starting a dental fundraiser to help cover the costs of expensive dental work. Since dental insurance often only covers a portion of your total dental bill or has a low annual coverage limit, a crowdfunding campaign for dental work is a great way to help make ends meet.

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Final Thoughts 

Almost nobody enjoys going to the dentist or getting dental work done, but some procedures are unavoidable. And it becomes more painful when you’re paying 100% of your dental bills out of your pocket. Fortunately, a little planning and preventive care can go a long way in helping you keep your pearly whites clean, nice, and strong without breaking the bank.


Burke Williams is the co-founder of CoFund Health, a crowdfunding site for personal healthcare needs, and CoFund My Pet, a crowdfunding site dedicated to pet’s health. He’s a dad and a lifelong pet parent of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. For more information visit or

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