Together, we can make a difference for people needing financial assistance with their medical bills. With each new campaign and donation through CoFund Health, you are making a meaningful difference in someone’s life.


  • Ensures your donation is only used by the person or family you intend

  • Ensures your donation is only for help with medical bills

  • Keeps you engaged in the story of those campaigns you donate to


  • Gives you tools to help the patients that you see daily that need financial support with medical bills

  • Assures you that donations raised will go directly to the patient you are advocating for and only for healthcare

  • Provides a pathway for your patients to afford the healthcare they receive through your organization


  • Provides a simple to use tool to communicate and share your story and your needs to fundraise for medical bills

  • Allows you to control how much of your personal health story is communicated to donors

  • Give you an easy way to spend your campaign donations to pay for medical bills

  • Ensures that your campaign’s donations are only able to be spent by you

  • Empowers you with a report of your spending to provide assurance to donors that you are being responsible with their donations