How to get help with your medical bills:


Start a Free Campaign → It’s free and easy to create a medical crowdfunding campaign to tell your story or start one for someone else that you care about.

How to Write a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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Receive Donations → Family, friends, and anyone else can donate to your campaign to help with your needs. Share your story and progress with others to get help.

How to Share Your Campaign Story

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Pay Your Medical Bill → Use your donations to pay for your prescription copays, doctor copays, hospital bills, dental or vision visits, and health insurance premiums.

Paying Your Medical Bills


Thousands of Americans turn to fundraising sites to raise money for medical expenses, but donors may worry how the money is being used. When you host your medical crowdfunding campaign with us, you give your donors confidence that their money is being used ONLY for your healthcare expenses!

“I chose CoFund Health because it was very important to me to know that the money raised could be used only to pay for my medical bills.”
— Jamie A., Cabot, Arkansas

Jamie’s community helped his campaign raise over $4,000 for his panniculectomy surgery to remove the excess skin after he lost over 300 pounds!

Why Choose CoFund Health?

• Access to Funds—Beneficiaries have immediate access to their campaign’s donations.

• No Scams—Your donors know that their funds are only being used to pay for your healthcare bills.

• Control—Beneficiaries approve the story and can share ongoing updates with their donors.

• Healthcare only—Since our campaign are only for medical crowdfunding, your story does not get lost like on other online fundraising sites.


Do you need help to decide how to raise money online for medical bills? Check out our Campaign Success Center for ideas to fundraise for your medical expenses and see why we are the best crowdfunding site for medical expenses.


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Fundraise for your own healthcare needs

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Create a campaign to benefit someone else

The only personal crowdfunding site built exclusively as a fundraising website for your medical expenses

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Thousands of people start a medical fundraiser every day. What are you waiting for? Start crowdfunding for medical costs now and see why we are the best crowdfunding site for medical bills!